Harry: I was sitting next to her in the read-through for episode 2 when she’s getting rid of Nymeria, her wolf. And she just started weeping in a read-through! And I said, “Are you alright?” And she was like, “Yeah. I hate doing that scene.” I need to step up, man!

Daniel Minahan, Emilia Clarke, Harry Lloyd, & Peter Dinklage talking about Maisie Williams (1.06 A Golden Crown Commentary)

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ladies who’ve won my heart: (3/?)

  • Grace Helbig

I just ironed sweatpants and a Michael Jackson tshirt to wear to the DMV. Look at me now, Dad.

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HartSquared in Australia.

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*boss ass bitch plays in the distance*

Three of my favorite people are on this. 

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A Place Beyond the Sun [9xRose AU]

[a fully illustrated fanfiction by ruebella-b]

Prologue: It’s been six months since Rose’s heartbreaking trip to Bad Wolf Bay. She’s trying to find her place in this new universe, but her dreams don’t make it easy.

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Doctor Who - Planet of the Dead (2009)

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-oh you -ten 

AU where Robin and Barney unexpectedly become parents. Robin’s worried this pregnancy will kill her future as a foreign correspondant, but hey! a woman’s allowed to have both a career and a family, so they take the kid with them and travel anyway. It’s not easy but Barney’s there to help (he’s writing the updated version of the Bro Code anyway, it became a great hit), and their daughter ends up speaking four languages by the time she’s five. They’d spent years worrying their respective fathers had messed them up too badly to make them good parents, but when their teenage daughter hugs them in 2030, thanking them for everything they’ve done for her, they finally understand they couldn’t have been more wrong.

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seeing the companions for the first time.

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Camp Takota favorite scenes in no particular order (6/?)

The montage of Elise adapting to camp. hashtag preciousssss. also: grace in shorts amirite

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